Unification in Peace

If we are to forgive, unite, and develop alongside each other peacefully, we must quell the need to express our dissatisfaction with each other’s preferences in a violent and cowardly manner. If anyone is against the concept of love for all, it is completely understandable. Please, though, raise your concerns through dialogue. There is much more to be served through peaceful dialogue than violence that shocks across the globe.


Over 260 innocent people died in 2019, in a terrorist attack on a peaceful Easter Sunday in Sri Lanka. This was a terrorist attack in order to make a point, and yet it did not actually make any significant point other than create chaos. This act does not explain the points of confusion or distinction among people. It only sends a message of barbarism after which the world is not any longer interested in hearing the perspective of the accountable party. 


Chaos is not a resolution for change toward a better end, for there is no direction or guided goal in an unruly state of anarchy. A loving and peaceful demonstration for any cause will force an audience. In violence, we kill some of our audience and leave the rest in shock, mostly unable to comprehend the reasoning for such misguidance.


Let us learn to love; to peacefully voice opinions instead of violently. Before we find reason to discriminate and segregate, let us find reason to unify in love.