Humble Through Power

“The great nations have always acted like gangsters, and the small nations like prostitutes.” (Stanley Kubrick)


Do not read this quote once only. Each time you read it, assign one single attribute of what you understand a gangster to be, and one for a prostitute. Then determine whether you can find within the great nations (world economic leaders) attributes confirming this and why the analogy holds true. Perform the same exercise for the small nations and reflect on the results.


Imagine now that reforms can be put into action to rehabilitate the mindset of the small nation so as not to be abused by the gangsters. Simultaneously, take into consideration the best ways that the masses can unite to retract the excessive, oppressive, and abusive power awarded to great nations. What would be the common denominator in obstructing the spread of prostitution and gangsterism? Surely then, with love, we can rehabilitate them both to appreciate values of unity and equality within one world.