What Is Compassiviste?

The Compassiviste Foundation is a tactical NGO addressing global issues swiftly and effectively, directing contributions straight to the cause.

We unite activists worldwide to combat exploitation, poverty, and injustice, fostering a future of peace, sustainability, and freedom.

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Introducing Ali Horriyat and His Philosophy: Compassiviste.

What is Compassiviste? We foster a compassionate society through discussions on empathy, social impact, and environmental conservation.

Discover how collective action and conscious consumerism drive meaningful change.

Compassiviste Dialogues

Welcome to Compassiviste Dialogues, where Ali Horriyat engages in profound conversations bridging minds and hearts.

Dive into enlightening discussions on compassion, sustainability, and the forces shaping our world.

Join us to explore ideas and stories that inspire change and deepen our understanding of interconnectedness.


Dive into unity with our Collectivism blog, dedicated to the power of collective action and shared values.

Through thought-provoking articles and stories, join the conversation on building an inclusive, compassionate world.

Explore the impact of our united efforts on societal change, environmental preservation, and global harmony.

Let’s inspire and be inspired, shaping a future powered by our collective will.


Join us on a journey to protect our planet with the Environment blog. This section is a celebration of Earth, offering insights into sustainable living, conservation efforts, and the latest in environmental science.

Together, we explore innovative solutions and actions that can lead to a healthier planet.

Each story and piece of research shared here aims to inspire individual and collective action towards a sustainable future. Let's embrace our responsibility to the Earth and work towards lasting environmental stewardship.


Join our Social Issues blog and step into the arena of change.

We explore the complexities of social justice, equity, and human rights, serving as a catalyst for dialogue and action.

By highlighting important stories and challenges, we empower individuals and communities to advocate for meaningful change.

Dive into diverse perspectives and solutions with us, and be part of the mission to address and illuminate the social issues shaping our world and future.


Join us in exploring the depths of spirituality across cultures and philosophies. Through inspiring stories, reflective practices, and diverse spiritual paths, we aim to foster a community of seekers and believers.

Discover how spirituality can enrich your life, provide comfort, and guide your personal growth.

Embrace the diverse ways spirituality connects us to the world, to each other, and to the deeper aspects of ourselves.

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