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A Cup for You, A Change for Them

The Compassiviste Foundation is Best Kept Secret in the World of Charity. Here's Why:

What makes Compassiviste truly unique is our ability to sidestep the inefficiencies that plague larger charities.

Our commitment to innovative, tactical problem-solving sets us apart, ensuring that your contributions lead to tangible, lasting results.

The Benefits of Joining Our Membership Program



Your contributions will create and spread immense impact, change, and compassion, helping us tackle some of the world's most pressing issues.

When you join the Compassiviste Foundation, you are supporting a diverse range of causes that address some of the most pressing issues around the world.

Here are just a few of the causes you will be helping:

Your monthly membership ensures that these critical initiatives receive the support they need to make a lasting impact.

Skip Starbucks, Support Us So We Can Help These Essential Causes

With Compassiviste, you are not just donating—you are part of a movement that prioritizes effective, sustainable solutions.

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Donations made to Compassiviste Foundation are tax deductible in the United Kingdom and the United States. Following your donation, you will receive a receipt with the details of this form.